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The Princely House of Yourievsky emerged from the second marriage of His Majesty the Russian Emperor (Tsar) Alexander II (1818-1881) to Princess Ekaterina Dolgorouky (1847-1922). As a wedding gift, Princess Ekaterina Dolgorouky received from Emperor Alexander II the name and title with predicate "Her Serene Highness (I. D.) Princess Yourievsky" for herself and descendants. She was the daughter of Prince Mikhail Dolgorouky, who in turn was directly descended from Yuri Dolgorouky (founder of Moscow) and was a direct descendant of St Vladimir in the male line in the 29th generation. The son, Prince Georgy Yourievsky (1872-1913), was married to the Georgian Countess Alexandra of Tsarnekau (1883-1957), who was the daughter of Prince Constantine of Oldenburg and his wife Princess Agraphena Dzhaparidze. Their son, Prince Alexandre Yourievsky (1900-1988) and his wife Princess Ursula Yourievsky, née Beer, (1925-2001) had a son, Prince Hans Georg Yourievsky (*1961), the last living great-grandson of a Russian Tsar.

Prince Hans Georg Yourievsky grew up in Switzerland, graduated from a business high school and studied in Zurich (law/MBA). He managed companies in the IT sector for 18 years. Since 2006 he has been an internationally active entrepreneur in the field of real estate development and private placements. He is also a patron of various organisations/projects and a member of the board of directors of various companies or advisory boards.

Prince Hans Georg Yourievsky is married in second marriage to Princess Elikonida Silvia Yourievsky (*1968), who comes from an entrepreneurial family (father German, mother Swiss). Elikonida Yourievsky worked for several years in the commercial sector as a management assistant in various industries after graduating from a technical college. Afterwards, she dedicated herself to therapeutic tasks on the second educational path and is now successful with her company "light moments".

The couple's private activities are often connected with historical cultural heritage. They support Russian educational institutions and help various foundations as well as charities. Prince Yourievsky was also a member of the Board of Trustees of the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) and works with state museums and the Russian Orthodox Church. Their interests range from Meissen and Russian porcelain to classical music and sporting activities (diving, dancing, fitness, skiing).


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